Here Krista is in her 3rd horse show.  She is riding on Dancer, which is her favorite horse.  Can you tell how hard she is concentrating?  She really did want to do well. Dancer looks like he is concentrating too. He really is a sweetheart, Krista just adores him. Love you Dancer!

Opps! Krista's concentration has been broken by a mom with a camera.  Krista was in the Walk, Trot and Canter group. There were 4 riders in her group and the other 3 stayed in the arena to compete in cross pole jumping.  Malee said we will probably be ready for that during the next show. Dancer loves to go fast and so does Krista. Maybe that's why they fit so well together.

The prize winning rider and her ribbons.  Krista received a 1st place and a 3rd place. She was thrilled by her performance and so were we.  She is wearing a helmet  that was given to us by a fellow pony club member.  It had gotten too small for them and Krista was glad to get it.