Krista has been taking horse lessons for a year at beautiful Eden Farms. She LOVES it!!! This was her 1st horse show where she competed against other riders. She competed in two events, and there were 3 riders in each event. The 1st event was walk alone and she was receiving instructions from the judge. Her instructor was not allowed to help her unless the horse was not responding to her. The judge told them when to change directions, stop, and come to the center of the arena. Krista did GREAT!!!  She won a second place ribbon for this event!!!

Mount Up NUMBER 124!!!  Dancer is Krista's favorite horse at Eden Farms. She was nervous about the show, but when she heard she was ridding Dancer she felt much better.

Krista's instructor Malee is helping her with last minute preparations. Malee is a very nice person and we all enjoy the weekly 1 hour lessons. You could tell by Malee's smile that she was very pleased with Krista's show.

You would not know it but Dancer is 34 years old!! I think he is very handsome and they say he has a bunch of energy for a horse his age.

Trot, Dancer, Trot!!!  At first Krista was scared to go fast on the horses. Now she loves to go fast!!!  Dancer is faster than the other horses she gets to ride. Krista has really learned how to post while the horse is trotting. She uses the horses motion to help lift her out of the saddle. In this event the judge told them to walk, bring their horses to a trot, and checked their posting technique. Posting is when the rider uses their legs to lift them out of the saddle a few inches. Krista was very impressive and won first place for this event!!!

You are doing good, Girl!!!  Concentrate!!! Use those leg muscles!!! Krista was doing so well that someone asked me how long she had been taking lessons.

Krista could not be more proud of herself, and we were so proud of her. Daddy even took us out to Pizza Inn to celebrate Krista's grand accomplishment!!! Krista wore her ribbons into the restaurant, just in case she saw someone she knew.