River Valley Games - 5/22-24/2009

This weekend I went to a 2 day clinic. We did games and dressage and show jumping. We did really well. We also had a swim party and sleepover in the barn with my friends.

Me and Charlie are cantering down the line. Charlie liked it.
I am getting a handoff from Grace. I have to bend down a lot.
I am handing off to Grace. Charlie would not stop. He wanted to keep going forward.


Me and Emma are practicing handoffs with a bottle. We are too far apart to reach the bottle.


Me and Abby are handing off the tennis ball. We had to trot.


Me and Charlie got the baton and started weaving through the poles.


Me and Hunter are handing off to each other.


I am grabbing the mug. We are playing mug shuffle. Charlie was not close enough to the pole for me to grab the mug. We will keep trying.


This time Charlie is close enough to the pole.


We got it the second time in Hug the Mug.


We are reaching out to grab the mug.


We got the mug and are racing to the other pole.


Me and Charlie are exhausted afterwards.


I am scratching Charlie's sweet spot.


Charlie is very happy.


I am brushing Charlie's mane.


Me and Samantha are sleeping next to each other. We are very good friends.


We joined together to make a crazy picture. Mrs. Taylor was in the picture too. We had an awesome time.


We are doing our jumping now. Then afterwards we are ready to go home.