US Pony Club Mounted Meeting 3/22/2008

03/22/2008 8:49AM Krista with Snickers, Krista Loves Snicky.
03/22/2008 9:02AM Krista with Janna, the instructor for the meeting. Janna helps me a lot.


03/22/2008 9:13AM Krista with Snickers. I practice trotting.


03/22/2008 9:15AM Krista is cantering on Snicky.


03/22/2008 9:15AM I am going in to 2 point.


03/22/2008 9:23AM I am cantering around the arena. 


03/22/2008 9:40AM I am  trotting in front of Madeline. 


03/22/2008 9:40AM I am trotting around the ring. 


03/22/2008 10:15AM I am trying to show Snicky the book.