US Pony Club Horseless Rally 3/15/2008

Abbie took Krista to a horseless rally in Landrum, SC. This was Krista's first pony club event. The sponsoring club was the River Valley Pony Club. Krista picked the pictures to put on the page and then she added the caption text to the pictures herself. I'm happy to see her learning to use the computer.

03/14/2008 3:31PM I am ready for the rally.
03/15/2008 9:21AM I am standing with some teammates .


03/15/2008 9:24AM I  am standing with Sammy. 


03/15/2008 9:24AM I am bringing in my tote.


03/15/2008 9:42A I am showing the judge my stuff.  


03/15/2008 10:05AM  I am looking at the overnight stall.


03/15/2008 10:41AM I am  talking to one of my teammates  named Meagan.


03/15/2008 11:03AM I am looking at a saddle.


03/15/2008 11:26AM I am riding on Megan. We are doing my dressage test. 


03/15/2008 12:28PM I am holding up our team poster.


03/15/2008 12:38PM I am riding Kelsey. We just jumped a cross pole.


03/15/2008 12:39PM Kelsey is trying to buck me off.