Eastatoe Narrows

Hike Date: November 21, 2009

Hike Duration: 3 Hours 9 Minutes

Hike Length: 5.6 Miles

Hike Type: Out and Back

Starting Point: Lat 35 02' 57" Lon 82 48' 51"

Ending Point: Lat 35 01' 54" Lon 82 49' 11"

My Ranking 1 to 10 is 8.

Krista Ranking 1 to 10 is 7.

Krista and I went on a hike to the Eastatoe Narrows with some friends from work. We met at the Holly Springs Country Store for breakfast and then proceeded north on highway 178 to Rocky Bottom. It was a cool morning around 40. We parked in the parking lot on Horsepasture road and began the hike along the road until we came to the trailhead on the left. It was an easy hike to the Narrows. You could hear the sound of rushing water far below in the deep valley but it wasn't until the last part of the trail where we began our descent to the river. It is an amazing site to see the narrows. The river looks like a normal mountain stream until it funnels into this narrow channel about 3-5 feet wide. It was very slippery and the water was really moving quickly so we were very careful. The return trip was not difficult and the many stairs provided an easy climb back up the mountain. I'm sure we'll be back.