We went to pick up Ashley from Huntsville, AL. She was at Space Camp for 6 days. 

This is the building where she stayed. It is called "Habitat 1".

The graduation ceremony was held in the Davidson building. This is where a Saturn V rocket is hanging from the ceiling.

Krista is standing under a Saturn V rocket. We were early getting to the graduation so we looked around outside for awhile.

The presenter for Ashley's graduation was Bob "Hoot" Gibson. He has been on five shuttle missions. He has also been on the Russian MIR space station and "So You Think You Are Smarter Than a 5th Grader."

Ashley received  her  certificate and a hand shake from the former astronaut. He then removed her name tag from her flight suit and reapplied it right side up. When she received her flight suit, she was told to leave her name upside down and that it could only be worn right side up after she graduated.

A very proud moment for Ashley.

After the graduation was finished we were reunited with Ashley. She is standing next to a model of the Saturn V rocket while standing under a real one.

She learned a lot at Space Camp and told us about the Ares V rocket and its mission.

This is the Apollo 16 command module.  

The Saturn V rocket hanging from the ceiling.

Krista missed her sister very much. They held hands for the longest time. Ashley says she was never homesick. She loved it and enjoyed herself and wants to go back again.

Dad took a ride on the Space Shot ride. 4G's of acceleration.

This is the MASTIF. Ashley says it stands for Multi-Axis Space-Test Inertia Facility. She was strapped into this chair and it flipped around. She says it felt like you were going to fall out.

This is the space shuttle simulator where her team performed two different missions. She was assigned as Mission Specialist 1 and she performed an EVA. An EVA is an  Extra-Vehicular Activity. Here is Ashley's description: We built ACCES which is a structure built in space. I was in charge of struts. I was in a 5 degrees of freedom chair. It was fun being in that chair. I attached the struts to the nodes while I was in the chair. The purpose of the  mission was to safely land the orbiter and build ACCES. Our team was successful and we won an award for best mission.