Ashley's 5th Grade Field Trip to Seabrook Island

I went on a field trip to Barrier Island. We stayed in cabins. My dad went with me. It was a 3 day trip. I took a charter bus. This map shows where we went.


This is me holding an Eastern King Snake.


This is me beside a model of baby Loggerhead Sea turtles.


This is me and Tyler in the cafeteria. Tyler is my friend.


We are talking about things we found at the beach.


This is me being a coral polyp.


This is me depositing sand. We are talking about how a Barrier Island is formed.


This is the Mud Pit at Barrier Island. We are playing in it!


I have great memories from this picture because all my friends were there with me.


This is a picture of me seining. Seining is when you wade out into the ocean and you have a net and you catch things in the net like fish and shrimp.


The ocean water was very cold.


The people with me are Anaston and Adrain.


This is a picture of our field group in front of a kissing tree. The two trees were kissing each other.


This is a picture of some crabs that were already caught.